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Enigma Atomic Game

Welcome !

We are thrilled to announce that Enigma developped a new game for our stakers!


The game will end the 7th November 2023 at 23:00 UTC

Our new concept is simple yet exciting - our delegators now have the chance to win 10 $TIA in a random game on our discord, all while enjoying our low staking fees. The more you delegate, the greater your chances of winning a prize. So don't wait, delegate now and increase your chances of winning !

More you delegate more you have the chance to earn a price.


How to play ?

This is simple, you only needs to use the following command in the Enigma Celestia Game channel :

!enigma walletAddress

We've developed an algorithm that carefully assesses the amount of $TIA you stake with Enigma, and utilizes this data to increase your chances of winning.

import logging
from random import choices

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def check_win(delegated_atom: float) -> list:
Determines the outcome of a game based on the delegated tia input.

delegated_token (float): the amount of delegated tia

list: a list containing the outcome of the game (0 for loss, 1 for win, -1 for invalid input) and the weight assigned to winning.
if delegated_token >= 1:
win_weight = (1 / 1000) + ((delegated_token / 5) / 1000)
loose_weight = 1 - win_weight
outcome = choices([0, 1], [loose_weight, win_weight])"Did the staker win ? : {outcome}")
return [outcome, win_weight]
return [-1, 0]


Here is the formula used in order to calculate the win weight of each participant :

WinningProbability=11000+delegated_tia5×1000Winning Probability = \frac{1}{ 1000} + \frac{delegated\_tia}{5 \times 1000}

where delegated_tia is the amount in tia delegated to Enigma by the user

More you stake, more chance you will have to win

To further increase your chances of winning, each staker will have three attempts spaced 24 hours apart to try your chance. We believe in giving our community multiple opportunities to win, which is why we've designed this system to be fair and accessible to all. So don't miss out on your chance to win - stake with us now and take advantage of our new experimentation !


To ensure the integrity of our system and fight against sybils, we've implemented a strict rule that prohibits any links between two wallets that participate in our prize games. All winning wallets will be thoroughly analyzed and potentially disqualified if any suspicious activity is detected.

That's all for now! If you ou have a question about our prize games, staking process, or anything else related to Enigma, feel free to reach out to us at any time. Our team is always here to provide assistance and support whenever you need it ! We Love your Feedback !